The Department of Marine Science was established as a specialization strategy of region based university. By operating open and cooperative system with internal and external institutions related to the ocean and environment, we plan to nurture professionals in oceanography who are competent, creative and promising for the future society of the 21stcentury.


Dept. of Marine Science

Characteristics of the program

Established Joint Degree System and provides Dual Degree through the association with University of Plymouth in England, Ghent University in Belgium, University of Malaga in Spain, Ocean University of China and Hokkaido University in Japan.
Provides opportunities of quality by managing credit interchange program with the department of marine science at Seoul National University and Inha University.

Established convergence cluster with Korea Polar Research Institute, National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, National Institute of Environmental Research, National Institute of Biological Resources, Public Health and Environment Research Institute etc. Also intensified field training to foster practical research workforce and enlarge employment opportunities.

Education Goals
For the purpose of cultivating competent, creative and enterprising talents required by the future society of the 21st century, the Dept. of Marine Science established specialization strategy of the region based university and cooperates with ocean and environment related institutes in Korea and abroad to develop innovative knowledge and practical abilities in the field of marine science.